After ten grueling years. Dan and his brother Jon were honored as award winning filmmakers at the Raindance Film Festival, however despite his accomplishment he was still yet unfulfilled.

As a young child he was diagnosed with a learning disability and slight dyslexia. Music was something special to him so he kept the music clean and unadulterated by refusing to take any professional music lessons. “I always refused to “play” by the rules since the beginning.” Going against what was recommended, he played left handed drums on a right handed kit. He kept this philosophy when he picked up guitar in his twenties. Again no lessons, he created his own style- where my inabilities became trademarks and strengths. “This approach cost me more time but my style is undeniably unique.”

Singing came the most naturally to him, Jim Morrison’s deep sexy baritone meets Bono’s soulful heartfelt tones. I was able to mix futuristic, textured, rhythmic guitar sounds with classic hip hop/ funk beats.

“My songs are based in my roots. I don’t write protest songs, I write soul songs about change, unity, self improvement and hope. “

For the last ten years he has woke up between 3am and 4am in the morning, to write fresh tasting Alt/Indy/ Rock songs that connect to your heart by producing and recording his genre bending song catalog mostly all within his NYC apartment.

Dan has been featured multiple times on North Manchesters 106.6FM. Broadway World.com and multiple Spotify playlists.

Check out his latest single “These Days”which has been featured both by Rising Artists 2023 “Fascinating Track” and “Obscure Sound” 2023 “Great Track”

Dan is currently rehearsing and performing in “New York City”.

Dan Spirk