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Bare Naked Rock & Roll with a Funked Up Jazzy Soul

When I was in third grade my older brother came home from college with a U2 album, the song was Bloody Sunday. The moment he put the record on I felt it and I knew right there that was the sound I had been looking for.

At that moment my life changed. Around this time I bought my first pair of pleather pants and I was on my way. At the age of twelve I was determined to become a drummer. It took me one year and a lot of pain to get my first drum beat down.

I wasn’t the happiest film maker, pizza guy, carpenter, tree trimmer or chef. Music fulfills me. I don’t know why but it does. Depression comes about when I’m not writing or performing.

I was told I would never get a drum roll down and I shouldn’t play guitar. I was told I was tone deaf and that my voice was terrible. So now I only listen when it comes to writing and performing.

My best work is when I’m following what I hear and not listening or thinking for myself. I make music because I can’t help it. I love classic rap beats, driving melodic bass lines and minimal textured guitar. A voice with depth that touch the soul and lyrics that challenge the intellect of the listener. The moment when I let you in while exposing my feelings is when you and I connect. We're one in the same. We share the same heart.

Every instrument is a drum and every drum plays a melody.

I’m here to share with you what helps me and I hope it helps you too.

Dan Spirk

Dan Spirk